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It is an incredible thing that God spoke to Samuel, but have you ever considered, what if Samuel never shared with others the things God had said? What if he just kept it all to himself out of fear or lack of confidence? Personally, I think God would have moved on and found someone else. God spoke to Samuel precisely because he was chosen to be a prophetic voice to the House of Israel; he was intended to speak into others what God had prepared for him to say.

Truth is we speak because God speaks. As God’s words brought life and conviction to others through Samuel, God does the same through his Church (the people not the building). We were never intended to keep to ourselves; mind our own business. When God speaks, and he is speaking, he has every intention that we in turn speak them to another. You are Samuel; we all are.

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Speak”

  1. It is amazing to learn that God spoke directly to Samuel and the nature God spoke to him.

    I am convinced that God will appear and speak to those He has chosen to serve His mission. He is God and when He chooses someone to serve His will, I am sure it will be definitely a Go! I am sure God’s appearance and His message through direct communication with His chosen people will be shared with others. He is God so His choice to speak directly to someone must be part of His will and His plan. Samuel was God’s choice for advancing God’s mission on earth. He was part of God’s plan.

    The question is how can we discern between God’s speaking to us and our own thoughts or dreams or humans’ voice? It seems to me the way God’s speaking to Samuel was rare. I am accustomed to learning the four ways God speaks to us as described below.

    Four Ways God Speaks to You

    I look forward to learning more about other ways that God speaks to us or to others and what others have done in spreading God’s voice and message to others! What spiritual skills are required to differentiate between God’s voice and other human voices and to understand God’s calling? Thanks for a good blog!

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