Good Treasure

Re:Verse reading—Luke 6:17-45 (day four)

The crowds were growing…people were coming from, all over the region.  Jesus’ followers recognized His power and authority.  His disciples likely were pretty impressed with themselves.  Here was this popular, charismatic teacher with great popularity and they were His chosen followers.  Their importance should bring some reward, shouldn’t it?  Jesus addressed His disciples…things were not going to be as they expected.  The blessings they would receive were much different than material reward.  To be like their teacher, they would give up the things of the world and would respond completely opposite to what the world taught.

These responses that Jesus taught were not our ‘natural’ responses.  We want to gain, to preserve, and to protect.  What was the difference in what Jesus taught?  It was the heart’out of the good treasure of his heart.’  What we fill our heart with overflows into our lives!  Jesus said that we must fill our heart with heavenly responses.  What is your heart filled with?

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Good Treasure”

  1. Good topic to revisit. Every thought and action is the outcome of one’s heart. The heart is the center of our physical and spiritual life. We know one’s character by his or her heart (evil or good, right or wrong) and by the decisions and actions he or she takes.

    The heart is the seat of conscience and moral character. An evil heart will likely produce evil words and actions; a good heart will likely produce love, kindness, caring and concerns for others. A selfish heart will likely produce selfish motives and actions. Our decisions, right or wrong, moral or immoral, wise or unwise, obedient or disobedient, stem from the conditions of our hearts. New decisions are the results of a changing heart! Heart and mind go hand-in-hand in my view.

    The heart is the center of all the operations of a human life. Is that obvious that when the heart stops working, our brain will stop working, and our body will stop working? So the heart is significant in terms of life and death. Spiritually, a hardened heart must be changed or renewed before one can willingly obey God. The process of change or renewal begins in one’s heart. How we feel, such as sad or happy, comes from our hearts. Good or bad mood comes from one’s heart. Obedience or disobedience comes from one’s heart. A mean-spirited heart can lead to mean-spirited actions which can be the cause of all human conflicts.

    To change one’s attitudes, behaviors and actions toward others or things is to change the conditions of one’s heart. I am convinced that a changed or a renewed heart will lead to a new beginning of life, new opportunities and new decisions.

    I guess when we face one problem to another problem and we see no way out because we are so focusing on gaining acceptance from men and on complying with men’s standards, it is time to make changes. God knows what is in our hearts. The heart is mentioned in the Bible repeatedly. He knows the heart is the root of all physical and spiritual life and is the source of our conscience and moral character!

    From my perspective, there are only two standards: God or men/world. We will be in constant conflicts for sure if we walk both ways. God promised to give us salvation and eternity if we trust and follow Him. Whom do we trust with all our hearts? He knows why we did as we did or why we are in constant conflicts!

    I could not agree more, “we must fill our heart with heavenly responses.” The life that leans heavily on God’s guide is worthy to embrace. God’s Word will lead us out of daily conflicts in earthly life and give us a permanent peace and joy! A Godly heart will give us a reason for living and for a meaningful spiritual life! I am convinced!

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