Well Done

Re:Verse reading–Luke 6:17-45 (day two) 

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way. vs. 26

Words of affirmation. That has always been my greatest love language. More than time, touch, gifts, or service; I have always responded best to words of affirmation. The older I have become, however, I see the danger in putting too much stock in what others say. Luke’s account of Jesus’ sermon is a clear illustration of this. If we only ever seek approval from men then that will be the end of it.

Can you see the danger inherent when we seek men’s approval or justice alone? At best, we will be judged by human standards. We will receive the praise of men. Is that really our highest aim? Is our standard only that of this world? Surely we have been shown a higher aim, a sweeter reward, and a greater goal.

It is great to hear ‘job well done’ from others, and that affirmation can be a great motivator, but take great care that this isn’t all you hunger for. The sweet ‘well done’ of Jesus will far out shine any award or praise we get from others.

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

One thought on “Well Done”

  1. Verse 26 is a warning to us all. If all we seek is affirmation from men, we will be hungry for men’s approval of our actions. From my own experience, life will continue to be an uphill battle when you try to please everyone without any formal frameworks to guide our decisions. When we try to please everyone, we may end up satisfying each person’s standards and we may end up serving each person’s personal agenda. How can we manage our life, personally or organizationally, that way?

    I must agree that there is a danger when we are hungry for and seek approval from men. If we are hungry for men’s acceptance and approval of us, we may lose track of what is approved or disapproved by God’s standards. Men can change their personal agenda and standards as they please or when they see fit to their personal circumstances. Can we continue to seek their affirmation and approval by satisfying their changing personal agenda as they see fit?

    In this world, men serve themselves. Jesus served those in need. Men love themselves. God loves all people as He is the Creator of the universe. He is about love. Satan distracts us from God’s standards of conduct. God wants to bring us closer to Him, to fulfill His agenda and to please Him. I am convinced!

    There is a question of trust! Do we trust men every turn and believe in whatever standards they use for our spiritual lives? I would be concerned if I seemed to seek acceptance or approval from ungodly people in God’s eyes. I would be concerned if I received men’s approval of my attitudes, behaviors and conducts that are not what Jesus taught his disciples and are not guided by God’s Word. I would be concerned if I kept seeking men for their affirmation and approval without any formal frameworks and standards of conduct. I would be concerned if I was surrounded by Satan’s team.

    Afterall, what standards would you like to be judged for? God’s or men’s standards? God’s standards for spiritual living are the same and His agenda or will for us is the same, unchanging. God is the Creator of men and of the universe. He has standards for us to please and to be approved by Him. I am convinced that pleasing God is the right path to permanent peace, joy, happiness and to eternity. Is it easier for us to follow God’s standards and His will as we try to please and to serve others? Is it easier to obey and to follow the right one with the right power and authority and to receive legitimate approval and affirmation?

    Trying to please everyone within our circle of influences is a good effort but the standards of pleasing and serving others and of receiving affirmation must be within God’s will and what God pleases. It will be a chaos to our daily living, trying to please men but not God.

    Verse 26 is a warning to us all. Where can we find time to hear and to be with God if we are constantly seeking to hear, to be with and to please men? Then what would happen if we use men’s standards and serve their personal agenda that are disapproved by God? I don’t like to have to face God’s judgement when Jesus returns. God speaks well of us is what we all need to pursue. How is about you, readers of this blog?

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