May I Borrow Your Boat?

Re:Verse reading–Luke 5:1-11 (day seven)

It’s impossible to know all the specifics, but Jesus seems to get into Peter’s boat without asking.  It is almost as if Jesus is commandeering the boat for the Kingdom of God.  Peter surely thought it was going to be a long day.

What if Peter demanded that Jesus disembark immediately?  How would the course of Peter’s life have changed?  How would church history have changed?  Looking back on the whole scene I imagine Peter realized he made the best decision of his life when he allowed Jesus to do whatever he wanted on that boat.

That boat was Peter’s livelihood.  How are you going to respond when Jesus steps into your life and asks to borrow your boat, to commandeer your livelihood?  I hope we don’t end with the first half of verse 5, “Master, we worked hard all night…”  The temptation of a busy life is to hesitate, and tell Jesus that we’ve had a long day.  Peter didn’t hesitate.  His willingness to let Jesus borrow the boat brought jaw-dropping abundance into his life.

Author: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “May I Borrow Your Boat?”

  1. “Faith begins when man’s power ends.”~~Millie Stamm

    Peter and his fishing team were about to give up their fishing catch because they caught none for the entire night but Jesus decided to show Peter that God could change his disappointed circumstance for God’s glory through obedience.

    Obedience, in general, to the right one with the right power and authority brings positive outcomes and extraordinary results. Jesus could have decided to choose Peter and his team for His ministry so he tested Peter’s willingness to obey and to follow him. Peter showed his willingness to follow Jesus’ instruction when he listened to Jesus to throw the net into the deep water again after he told Jesus he caught none for the whole night. Jesus probably wanted to see Peter’s character by not asking him for using his boat in performing His ministry. Another example is that we, followers, can “catch” me wherever we are at.

    I think I will be thrilled just to see Jesus in person and would be thrilled if he takes control over me and of my possession when I am about to give up. God chose Peter through Jesus for God’s glory. Peter’s obedience to listen and to follow Jesus changed his life forever.

    Jesus showed through Peter that by faith, trust and believing in him that we can have hope and have abundant life. Peter witnessed for himself that God gave him an abundant catch of fish so he knew by following Jesus, his life would be better than being a professional fisherman. He made the right decision to leave what he was to become Jesus’ disciple.

    God knew who could do His will and serve Him. I don’t know if anyone would say “no” to Jesus if we have already known God’s supreme power and authority in all earthly transactions through Peter’s example. I am convinced that by obeying Jesus and following Him that we will have an abundant life.

  2. A correction—Another example is that we, followers, can “catch” PEOPLE wherever we are at (not “catch” me wherever we are at.)

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