Catching people! Who me?

Re:Verse reading–Luke 5:1-11 (day one)

“Do not fear, from now on YOU will be catching men.”–v 10.

Jesus was contagious.  No doubt about it.  A change agent.  His life bore fruit.  Results.  Wherever He went, crowds gathered and lives were changed. He was dynamic!

But, I am not always as certain that I can do the same.  Luke 5 records a significant moment/miracle that the Lord used to teach his disciples this confidence.  Not only is Jesus competent to catch people, He is competent to multiply Himself, transferring this skill into the lives of His disciples.

Have you grown discouraged at this point?  Do you wonder whether effective evangelism is a thing of the past?  Don’t!  Failure in achieving results in Christian service is, most often, an indication that something is wrong in method or spirit.  Unfruitful followers must only draw near to the contagious Savior to relearn His lessons.

He guarantees HE can/will make US fishers of men.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “Catching people! Who me?”

  1. Jesus was an effective change leader and agent. He knew the secret of effective change agent and lived it. I am sure there are tools and resources to help evangelists to “catch” more unbelievers and convert them to Christianity but until one lives the Christian life and be an example, evangelists may not only “catch’ but drive unbelievers away further.
    Evangelism does not come naturally and may require extensive training for those who are aspired to involve but are lack of spiritual skills. It may require consistent prayers and God’s guidance to know where to start off and how to reach the “mass” for conversion of unbelievers.

    Evangelism is a difficult job. I tend to agree that failure in evangelism may be attributed to ineffective method or to one’s spirit. An effective change agent should be able to effect the hearts and minds of those they want to change or to convert to a new way of life or belief. To effect one’s heart and mind, the evangelists or change agents must lead by examples and live the life they want to lead.

    Despite what methods and tools or resources evangelists or change agents may use, to be able to draw unbelievers to Christ, they must be an example of the change they are seeking. They must walk their talks. For Christianity, to be effective change agents, we must walk God’s will in our lives and that is to become free from sinful attitudes, behaviors and actions and to live a life that is expected to be holy, pure, and blameless. If unbelievers can’t see we are becoming free from sin, full of joy, peace, humility, kindness, patience, and are a blessing to others and to them, then why should they want to listen to us and to be a Christian?

    And sometimes, unfit “change agents” or despite their best efforts to “catch” more people to follow Jesus, their best efforts may infact drive them farther away. Change agent is not a job for everyone. Evangelists must be like Christ to be able to “catch” more people and to produce more Christ’s followers. Jesus led, lived His life for God, and trained His disciples to become an effective change agent for Christianity to advance His ministry. He could not have succeeded without God, the Father, in His walk to produce more disciples to fulfill his mission on earth and for His church.

    Expectations for change agents are high. Evangelism is a God’s mission. I am convinced that it is a God’s calling for someone to spread the good news and spread God’s Word with results for more Christ’s followers. God equipped those He chose and will equip those He will choose.

    We were Christ’s followers as the result of long-time family friends who led and have continued to lead us to know more about Christ and to live the Christian life they have advocated because their love for Christ, their trust and their belief in Jesus and in Christianity. They have been an aspiration and good examples for us in our walk with Christ through the Holy Spirit. They were and are effective evangelists and change agents. We are thankful for God, for them and for those who have been a part of this evangelism movement. Evangelism shall continue until Jesus returns.

    I wanted to take the opportunity to contribute to this blog with the article I wrote and published on a professional network in 2014. The article was my effort to contribute to the change effort at the US Department of Veterans Affairs and a tribute to the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service where I served as a change agent. It should help shape successful change efforts and the mindsets of those who aspire to serve as a change agent!

    Leading Change and Mastering Change: The Errors and The Mindset

    PHUONG CALLAWAY, PHD, CA | Jul 26, 2014

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