Re:Verse reading–Luke 4:14-30 (day three)

“All spoke well of him.”  Jesus will eventually warn people that the “yea-sayers” pose a particular kind of danger to the human soul. We’ll gravitate toward those who give us good press, and pretty soon, we’re not loving people, just using them to prop up our self-regard.  Jesus remained unfazed by the initial rave reviews.  How did he do that?  Well, it’s not insignificant that immediately prior to his visit to Galilee, he spent an extended time away in solitude. The Bible indicates that Jesus often did this.  Jesus understood that one must be able to live alone if one is going to live with others.  In these times of separation, he could listen for neither supporters nor detractors, but only for the voice of God.  And then he would return to the presence of people in love and discernment.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Voice”

  1. Good reminder of the importance of reflection in teaching, learning and in organizational development. Jesus was a great teacher. Reflection is a powerful tool for vision, mission and goal attainment.

    God is the main focus for Jesus’s teaching so reflection on whether He met the teaching objectives and learning outcomes for learners is critical in Jesus’ ministry development!

    What Jesus did can be used in other areas of personal and professional development. We can learn from Jesus to reflect on whether our established goals are met or need to be modified in order to achieve our vision and mission or whether our methods and strategies are working toward meeting our vision and mission!

    Jesus set a good model for self-reflection independent of other influential factors! Self-reflection is a smart strategy for continuous learning and development!

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