Re:Verse reading–Luke 3:1-20  (day seven)

Now while the people were in a state of expectation and all were wondering in their hearts about John, as to whether he was the Christ (Luke 3:15)

John the Baptist’s ministry was filled with a unique authority.  He called people a brood of vipers, he told people they were about to be thrown into an unquenchable fire, and he told people, even the politicians, what to do.  He spoke boldly, and people just kept coming, uninvited, they surrounded him pleading for baptism.

John the Baptist’s work was so uniquely holy and powerful that people even started to wonder if he was God.  He was so close to God that people were confused where John the Baptist ended and where God began.

I wonder what that kind of faith and calling would look like today.  Is it possible for us to draw near enough to God by Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit that God unequivocally shines through us?  And just as importantly, can our church be such a place that San Antonians catch a glimpse of heaven every time they walk into our doors?  I pray that many will be confused, not knowing where we end and God begins.

Author: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Confusion”

  1. People may not be aware of the nature or to the extent of their own sins spiritually. It is always good to educate and to remind folks what sin is per God’s standards. One way to learn about God’s standards is the Bible, God’s Word. Self-awareness is important for any change in thoughts and actions to shift from earthly compliance to God’s compliance!

    Only God can change our hearts through Jesus and through the Holy Spirit. People need God; we need God. With self-awareness and with God’s help through the Holy Spirit, I believe that it is possible for us to draw near enough to God by Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit that God unequivocally shines through us.

    A shift in one’s attitude, behaviors, and actions may occur through management by coercion/threats or through management by personal power/influence. I noted from John’s Ministry that he used both styles. The question for us is which style will be more effective, given the change in today’s internal and external environments and in generational differences!

    Sometimes we need both styles to force a change! Sometimes we need to create enough confusion that people have to make a change, hoping that a new way of life or belief will work out for the best, given their current situations. Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. Profound observation, Chris!
    Thank you for this lesson and the reminder that this undissectable intimacy with God is indeed possible.

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