Re:Verse reading–Luke 3:1-20  (day three) 

“But one more powerful than I will come.” When the people asked John what they should do to escape destruction by the wrath of God, he did not wax systematically theological. He simply gave them a picture of what the world looks like when it’s set right: Live generously, conduct business honestly, treat people with integrity, work hard without complaining. No one was excluded—not the military, not the government, not the average joe. That is exactly the kind of world his hearers were longing for. Once that picture is in the air, the next question is, “How do we get that kind of world?” And that’s when all eyes turn to Christ. Evangelism efforts could learn from this pattern: Set the vision before people, then introduce them to the only one who can lead them there.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor to Pastoral Ministries & College and Single Adults at FBCSA.

One thought on “One”

  1. Who would have the highest power and authority on earth if that person was not Jesus, the Son of God? If our vision is to glorify Jesus and to expand Jesus Gospel (the What), then introduce Jesus and talk about Jesus (the How) can help lead non-believers to wanting to know Jesus. As more people learn more about Jesus, trust Him and follow Him, them our vision will be achieved!! We must know what it is that we want to achieve and develop the strategies and corresponding action items to get there. It is a strategic planning process!!

    Jesus taught human beings the truth about God and to set us an example in how to do God’s will even when we are in or face difficulties. Jesus knew his mission on earth. He had the vision for himself and for His followers to achieve his mission, and clearly developed realistic actions and strategies to achieve his mission and vision. He set a great example for followers to follow and we just have to use his model to reach out to those that are important to Him and to increase the pool of Jesus’ followers!

    Spreading the truth about God, about Jesus, and how by believing in Jesus’ teachings that we can have peace, joy, and happiness would be effective strategies! Living an ethical and moral life provides us with freedom from fear! Can we achieve both? Yes, definitely! Merry Christmas to all!!

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