Walking Blamelessly

Re:Verse reading–Luke 1:1-38 (day four)

V.6 – “They were both righteous in the sight of God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and requirements of the Lord.”

Wouldn’t that be a great verse to be said about you?  To be obedient to God’s Word in every situation…to be recognized as being a faithful servant to God.  Zacharias and Elizabeth had walked with the Lord for many years…they had established a reputation of faith.  A reputation is not built in a short period of time, it is acquired over an extended period of time.  God takes note of those who are faithful.  He recognized Job’s faithfulness in all things, He saw in David a man after His own heart, and He saw this couple who walked blamelessly before Him.  God rewarded their faithfulness by sending them a son…a son with a mission!

What does God see when He looks down upon you?  Does He see one who walks blamelessly before Him in all the commandments?  And not just every now and then, but always.  Strive to build a reputation of righteousness in every situation!

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Walking Blamelessly”

  1. Jesus sought only the will of the Father and did only what the Father had commanded Him. Jesus is righteous and is the desired model for our personal righteousness.

    Our attitudes and behaviors show the conditions of our hearts, Christ or Satan, righteousness or the desire of sin. If we are grounded in love, we will exhibit love; if we are steeped in sin, we will show sin. Can you tell when one walks in Christ’s righteousness or in Satan’s righteousness? By following Christ’s righteousness and through faithfulness to the Lord, we can minimize sin and enjoy a peaceful life.

    Righteousness in Jesus Christ is a great personal and leadership attribute and is an opposite of self-righteousness. Some human beings are indulging in self-righteousness. And self-righteousness may not necessarily be Christ’s or Satan’s. These people define their own righteousness. It can be quite frustrating to understand where they are heading!

    Peace and joy will come when we trust, follow Christ and his righteousness. On-going personal and professional crisis and conflicts, sadness and unhappiness will result when Satan’s righteousness is the model of one’s life, attitudes and behaviors. We are to trust in Christ instead of trusting in us so the self-righteousness cannot sustain on its own.

    Personal righteousness as citizens and as leaders is the single most important commodity that any persons can possess. Others can tell who we follow through our actions, personal attitudes and behaviors. I am sure as good Christians and followers of Christ, we all wish to have our personal righteousness like Christ! The path to Christ’s righteousness is not easy so we always need God on our side at all times and for guiding and leading.

    Jesus’ righteousness is my goal, not Satan not self-righteousness! Whose righteousness are you following? What has been your experience in living out your righteousness model? Peace is with you all!

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