Re:Verse reading–Acts 23:11, 25:12, 28:16-31 (day one)

“He stayed two full years. . . preaching the kingdom of God and teaching concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness, unhindered.”–28: 30-31.

Strange ending.  Abrupt.  Unsatisfying.  We wish Luke would tell us more, but he doesn’t.  Paul’s story is left unfinished.  A reminder that in this book,  and all others, the subject is Jesus.

Actually, not an ending at all.  Like a final note in symphony, the last word is a summary of the past and a prediction of the future.  Paul was unhindered.

The word means “unpruned”.  Not cut back.  Not limited.  (The Greek word for dwarf was kolos.  Unhindered translates the word akoluo.  “not dwarfed”)

Nothing defeated Paul–not prison, not criticism.  Nothing stopped his evangelistic zeal or forward progress.

“I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me” Paul will later write.  I am convinced the Lord wants me to believe the same thing about myself.  He wants me unhindered too.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “Unhindered”

  1. Nothing can hinder a mission-oriented person. Paul’s missionary journey was a success because he was clear on His mission. Paul’s goal was for Jesus and He set his mind and heart for promoting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

    When a goal is set, successful people will develop strategies to achieve that goal! They may adjust their strategies to get to their goal but never the goal itself! Paul’s success in his teachings about Jesus and to spread the Gospel of Jesus during his time can be attributed to the following:

    1) Paul was Goal Oriented
    2) Paul was Results-Driven
    3) Paul was Action Oriented
    4) Paul was People Oriented
    5) Paul was Honest and Sincere, and
    6) Paul is Self-Disciplined

    After all, Paul’s health could be an important factor for his success. No mention that his journeys were disrupted or hindered because of his health! Are you a goal-oriented person? I am!

    When I set my goal whether a personal, a professional or a charitable one, nothing can stop me! No roads can be difficult for me. No humans can stop me. No irrelevant factors can deter me from moving forward. Only God can. I may adjust my strategies due to changes in the internal and external environments but never my goal for peace, joy, happiness and eternity!

    What are your goals for spiritual and for your earthly living journeys? Does anyone have a goal for your aging journey? What do you have to give up to achieve your goal(s)?

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