Re:Verse reading–Acts 20:17-38 (day six)

“You yourselves know how I lived…”-Paul, Acts 20:18

Paul spent more time in Ephesus than any other city on his missionary journeys, all together almost three years. He knew these elders better than most; he was their father in the faith and mentor. They had likely planted churches together throughout the region, even experienced hardship together. So when he says, “You yourselves know how I lived,” it makes complete sense. Of all people he had invested in on his missionary journeys, the Ephesians knew him best; they knew what his life was all about.

This got me thinking about my own life. How would my wife or my kids describe my life? How about those I work with? Or the guys I train jiujitsu with during the week? Do they know how I live, or what matters most in my life? And if they did would it have anything to do with Jesus? Do I even have the kind of relationships that allow others to see beyond the surface, or is everything always “fine?” (That word is full of nondescript superficiality.)

Do the people I spend time with know me? Maybe the better questions is, does what they know about me really matter? I mean, really matter? Paul’s life mattered, and the Ephesians knew it.

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Know”

  1. Wow! What a wonderful way to start my Saturday. I will be running into people today that I’ve not seen in a while. Will they recognize God in me? Will they know what’s important to me? Will they know to whom I belong?

    Thanks Danny!

  2. How one lives his or her life only matters to his or her followers! Leaders need followers. How can one lead if there are no followers. How one conducts his or her life will impact the leaders and followers journey!

    I am not concerned how people live their lives as long as I am independent of their actions. How one lives his or her life is a private matter. People are responsible for the consequences of their own decisions and actions. However, if we try to establish a network of followers for a common good or for achieving a mission, such as the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then how we live and conduct our lives and how we set the right examples matter to those around us.

    People are influenced by leaders’ actions. Leaders’ actions and words would significantly influence their team. While their words matter, what they do matter far more. People watch our feet more than our lips.

    Jesus Christ led with tremendous compassion, humility and love as a healer, absolute obedience to and love for His Father. Paul led with tremendous responsibilities, humility and integrity and obedience to the Lord Jesus. Jesus Christ and Paul were relationship builders! They cared for building good relationship with their followers and worked hard to build the Kingdom of God and to please God.

    How we live our lives and conduct our lives matters to followers. How we choose a course of actions will determine if we will have the right followers. How we choose to lead will determine if our mission will succeed. Leading by setting the right examples and living a life for Christ can help attract potential Christ followers and promote missionary journeys. I choose leaders!

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