The power of “We”

Re:Verse reading–Acts 16:11-34 (day one)

“So putting out to sea from Troas, WE ran a straight course to Samothrace.”–v 1.

Important sentence in Acts.  Easy to miss.  In Acts 16:8, Luke says , “THEY came down to Troas.”  By v 11, he begins to speak first person “WE”.  Subtle shift?  Not for Luke, it wasn’t!

It is one of the great moments in spiritual development– you stop being a spectator and become a participant.  Stop talking about “the church” and “their goals”.  Start talking about “my church” and “our mission”.

Paul knew the strategic importance of always adding new talent.  He was constantly enlisting new people to help.  We don’t know how/when he met Dr. Luke (see Colossians 4:14). We do know at some point Paul invited him to come along.  It was an invitation that changed Luke’s life and the world!

Know anyone you could ask to help you do Kingdom work?  There is great gospel potential in the word “WE’.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “The power of “We””

  1. A great blog on talent acquisition and acquisition strategy. Recruiting and bringing the right people on board is the most important part of any organization’s human capital management plan. Human assets are the largest investment any company will make into its future.

    Talent acquisition is about taking a long-term strategic view for identifying organizational needs and for filling future positions. Part of the talent acquisition work is to collect skills relevant data of those who are in the workforce or are considered as potential candidates and keeping in touch with those who have the right knowledge, skills and abilities until the needs for filling those positions are available. Talent acquisition is more about building relationship with the right talents for the right positions at the right time.

    In my view, while Work Force Planning is about identifying organizational needs and developing internal human talents to fill future critical positions, talent acquisition is to build external pool of human talents and human relationship that is built on trust to fill future critical positions.

    Prioritizing talent acquisition is vital to any organizations because the right people with the right knowledge, skills and abilities are vital to an organization’s future success. It takes a team work (WE) strategy and a vision to achieve any organizational mission! Without people and without a mission, there is no organization!!

    Building a pool of the right human talents to serve a mission is possible in a church organization but it may require an acquisition strategy that is clear on purpose, duties and responsibilities and that builds on trust, open and honest communication, and team work!! The “I” will be replaced by the “WE”! Paul was clearly a strategic talent acquisition director! God chose him and placed him in the position at the right time!

    What are your thoughts on effective talent acquisition strategies? What are the ingredients for building organizational trust? What is organizational trust? What would you do to increase the pool of the right talents to serve your organizational mission at the right time and in the right positions? Any organization’s success depends so much on talent acquisition, talent development and talent management.

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