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Re:Verse reading–Acts 13:1-52 (day five) In the first words describing the church in Antioch, we come to discover the study of God’s Word was a priority. They had teachers (plural). In Acts 11, Barnabas and Saul are preaching AND teaching. Notice in Acts 13, that teaching was accompanied by other activities: prayer, worship, fasting, and listening. Learning was not the end, but rather a means to the end of understanding and doing the will of God.

Sending Paul and Barnabas required great faith and courage. They were probably the most recognized and seasoned leaders in the church. Yet, they clearly heard God’s direction and plan. They responded with joy and obedience. Sound familiar?

Were there concerns and questions? I think so. Did the teaching ministry of the church in Antioch strengthen their faith? I think so. Did learning and understanding the faithfulness of God help guide that church to trust and follow God’s direction (change in leadership, new missional thinking). I think so.

I wonder if FBCSA demonstrates the same kind of priority (well-taught church), will our faith and trust in the Lord help us to look to the future (change in leadership, new missional thinking) with hope, joy, and obedience.  I think so.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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  1. It seems to me that teaching ministry gained the strength in the early days of the church, and God’s spirit could have continued to operate fully on and through Paul and Barnabas.

    I do think having faith and trust in the Lord will help believers stay on the right path with the Lord and help advance the Lord’s mission. All believers should be able to rejoice in God’s blessings and to continue to receive the aid and guidance made available to them through the Holy Spirit.

    What will the characteristics of a well-taught church be like in the 21st century?

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