The work to which He has called you

Re:Verse reading–Acts 13:1-52 (day one)

“Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”–v 2.

It will be a great day for you.  Among the best.  In His own way and time, the Lord will call you to the work for which He made you.

It will be His idea.  Not yours.  It will fit into a larger plan that you probably won’t be able to see.  And somehow the expectation of reward or recognition will matter less than it did before.  His approving nod will be all you desire.  You will do this work out of love for Him.

The deepest need of the human heart is to be useful.  God knows. Children who never learn to contribute become petty and anxious adults.  God doesn’t need my work.  I need it.

As you trust and follow Christ, He will call you to the work for which He made you.

And it will be a great day.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

3 thoughts on “The work to which He has called you”

  1. I could not agree more, “the deepest need of the human heart is to be useful.” To be useful leads to a living a life with purpose. Living a life with purpose leads to joy and happiness.

    The concept of “being useful” invites us to take a deep look at ourselves. What makes us happy and what motivates us. Are we being helpful and useful? And in what way?

    Jesus led a life of usefulness to others and came to earth in a form of man to serve, not to be served. He is the Chief Servant. If one’s happiness or motivation is found through connecting with and being kind to others, go for these!

    We can be of service to others and by actually doing it. We want to be useful and it takes practice. I firmly believe that in order to be useful, being aware of our surroundings or noticing what might have gone unnoticed, and acting upon will help us live a meaningful spiritual life and live with a purpose. Being useful and living with a purpose go hand-in-hand.

    Being useful to others can take many shapes or forms. Our first acts of usefulness are usually close to home. Do others see us as useful? I think of usefulness as the devotion of being committed to do something that is helpful to others. It is about serving, loving others, being connected, and sharing God’s resources and God’s given-talent with others.

    If we can be a good witness to God, we are useful. If God calls us to serve and we obey Him, we are useful. If we can help feed the hunger, we are useful. If we make someone happier today than yesterday, we are useful. If we can support a charitable cause to eradicate cancer or eradicate chronic diseases, we are helpful. If we honor someone for their Godly actions or good deeds, we are helpful. If we can take the opportunity presented to us and help fill the needs gap, we are useful.

    Being useful is what we seek for, not being important, if we want a life with a purpose. Be blessed and be a blessing to others. God bless us so we can bless others. A useful day for me is the day when I can make a difference to my family and friends and to my surroundings in some small ways. I am convinced that a life without being useful or a life without a purpose can be depressing! In my view, usefulness is a quality, and it comes from our good heart. Go with your heart and be useful! I strive for being useful and for living a life with a purpose. Jesus is my guide and my model for service to others! God bless!

  2. God is good in utilizing His resources and His servants, including potential servants. He will call on us, place us at the right time, in the right positions, and in the right places where our talents are most useful to achieve His purpose. I am convinced He is Chief Human Capital Management. He leads and directs us; and we follow.

  3. Thank you Pastor Don for I needed these words of reminding And the timing of reading them couldn’t have been better!

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