Think Again

Re:Verse reading–Acts 11:1-26 (day two)  

But a voice from heaven answered a second time, ‘What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.’ vs. 9

All Christians have come to accept that part of our walk is the need to repent. To confess those things that hinder us from a fully surrendered life in Christ. As Pastor Don has told us, the Greek word that we use for repentance means to “think again.” When we think again about our actions or our attitudes we look with Jesus’ eyes upon those choices.

Peter was asked to “think again” with regards to what he could eat and with whom he could associate. His previous actions were not sinful, actually quite the contrary, he would refrain from eating or associating based on the Jewish custom and law. Jesus now wanted to show Peter a better way. Those customs played an important role in Jewish history and culture, but now Jesus wanted to show that his love was for all.

Is there some habit or attitude that you have that could use a spiritual reboot? Are there things that you could stand to think again about? Is every attitude and action of your life focused on Jesus’ Kingdom plan for your life? Time to think again?

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

One thought on “Think Again”

  1. How do you assess your performance? Who set up your standards of performance, what are the elements and standards to achieve a specific performance element, and how often are you required to make the assessments of your performance against goals? For Christians, at the personal performance level, I assume that God’s performance elements for us would be the 10 commandments or 10 spiritual goals.

    In our walk with God, an assessment on how we per­form against God’s 10 commandments will likely be assessed by God, not by Satan and not by others. Problems may arise when the standards by which we measure ourselves or others are biased and self-serving. So what standards are we using as Christians? And how do we know if we are on the right track to receive an outstanding performance rating by God? God’s standards, and not human standards will be used in our assessments toward 10 commandments or 10 spiritual goals that God requires of all Christians! The standards for us would be the Scriptures or God’s word.

    We don’t know how we do and whether we will achieve God’s approvals until we assess how we perform, where we are now and how can we close the performance gap! It is ideal if we can make regular assessments and make appropriate adjustments to our current performance to ensure that we will achieve the performance goals that God has expected all of us to deliver! As Satan continues to dominate the earth and to take us away from God, we need to continue to take a deep look at ourselves, to improve our attitudes and behaviors and to remind ourselves that as followers of Christ, our attitudes and behaviors must be like Christ!

    How do you assess your performance against God’s goals and standards? Are you following God’s standards or human standards to assess your performance in your walk with God? How often do you make your performance assessments? Are you satisfied with where you are or do you feel an adjustment to your current performance is required in order to receive a satisfaction performance rating by God? What is your view on performance assessment? Is it practical for you? What can you do differently to receive an outstanding performance rating by God?

    I have always strived to achieve an outstanding performance rating from God! How is about you?

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