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Re:Verse reading–Acts 9:1-22, 26-31 (day five)

It is an interesting response from Saul when He encounters the Living Christ. Saul asks a sincere and monumental question. “Who are you, Lord?” The answer would define his worldview and theology for the rest of His life. Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus is the Christ. It is no coincidence that first words Paul preaches and proclaims is the answer to the last words (question) Saul utters before his conversion.

When we daily read and study the scriptures or listen to lessens and sermons, we should ask that same question, Who are You, Lord?” What insight, understanding, new facet of the Lord’s nature and character can we learn, appreciate, and understand? What can we learn and discover about God. It is a question always worth asking.  The answer shapes our lives and heart for eternity!

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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  1. God is really good at straightening out mixed-up people, isn’t He? Saul was on his way to Damascus to kill more Christians and to stop the Christianity movement and he thought he did a great service to the Lord; however, he was not aware that what he was about to do was against God’s will and a disservice to Jesus!

    In life, we often make mistakes assuming that what we do is a great service and is a loving and caring attitude to our loved ones, not knowing that what we do can be perceived unfavorably and can even be a backslash. Especially, if we don’t communicate often and hear from them at the personal level so we act based on our own values, philosophy and assumptions of human needs. It can happen between us and the Lord if we don’t hear, know and understand Him personally.

    So how do we know and understand Him personally? For me, His Word, and His Word is the Bible! God does speak to us through His Word. Through Scriptures, the Holy Spirit tells us who Christ is and what we should do!

    I have never seen Jesus or heard Him talking to me at the personal level. I learned about Him through reading some of the Scriptures. I have not yet read all the Scriptures and probably can never remember by heart so the Bible is the one I have to turn to often when I need to understand who He is and what He wants for me to do.

    Who are you, Lord?, and What should I do, Lord? should be great questions we need to ask daily in our walk with God and for our spiritual safety to eternity.

    So often, I think most people think being a Christian means they are supposed to do a lot of things, or not to do a lot of things. But I am convinced that being a Christian simply means following Christ. Does anyone disagree with me? To help me follow Christ, I must keep my eyes on Him, and I do this by hearing Him speak to me through His Word, the Bible.

    How do you keep your eyes on Christ? What questions do you ask in your walk with Christ and when you face with controversial or difficult situations, and need to make a strategic decision? In organizational life and for economic safety, do you ask “who are you, boss? And What should I do? or do you decide who you are and what you want to do to satisfy your personal ambitions and ego?

    Saul set a great example for us to follow in serving and to understand what is expected of us in organizational life and spiritually life!

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