Re:Verse reading–Acts 4:5-31 (day five)

“…whom you crucified,” Acts 4:10

Peter does not mince words with his interrogators, or the two previous times he said the exact same thing. At first glance, this words would not appear to be the best of strategies. Peter’s aim is far more than to cast accurate blame, but rather to put on full display the extravagant love of Jesus. He contrasts their utter rejection of Jesus (which led to his death) against Jesus offer of forgiveness made possible through his death and resurrection. He wants them to feel the weight of this great extravagant work of love. He wants them to know that while they were Jesus’ enemies, he died for them and rose from the grave so they could know forgiveness and restoration. He wanted them to know just how good this news was.

The gospel is good news. Do we feel the weight of that? Do you?

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Extravagance”

  1. God is the source of authority and unconditional love. The love of Jesus Christ is extravagant because it is beyond anyone’s comprehension. He even loved and revealed His compassion for those who crucified Him! What a loving God He is!

    His extravagant love compels me and captures my heart. Love can transform one’s heart, soul, and mind. Only love can do these things. No place is more perfect for us to imitate and spread God’s love than for our loved ones and our surroundings. Love, caring and concerns for one another, compassion and forgiveness surely bring hope, a renewal of one’s mind, soul and spirit, and help transform the world that is increasingly moving away from God!

    Jesus Christ set an extraordinary example about love and forgiveness for us to follow and in helping and serving others. The spirit of love brings peace, joy and harmony. My mind now wonders whether there is a relationship between spiritual love and one’s health and well-being! Is there a connection between spiritual love and longevity?

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