Piercing Power

Re: Verse reading–Acts 2:1-41 (day two) 

“Now when they heard this, they were pierced to the heart…” – vs. 37

What is the power of the gospel fueled by the Holy Spirit? It is the power to pierce the heart of anyone who hears. Consider that these people who were pierced were only a few verses earlier accusing Peter and the others of being drunk. How do you go from callously dismissing someones ramblings to being utterly convicted by their testimony? That is the power of the Spirit. Jesus said that it was to our advantage that he go away so that the comforter might come (John 16:7). Do not think that your testimony lacks power. Jesus used ordinary men. He still does. His message can still pierce the heart of the unbeliever. Who will go and tell the world his story?

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Piercing Power”

  1. Good question, “who will go and tell the world his story?” My answer is that to make an impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a life dedicated to Christ is a powerful testimony. Is someone believable? Is the story extraordinary and one-of-a-kind? And only believers of Christ can receive those changing-life rewards? Telling a story is easy but what are the outcomes or results after the story is revealed to others. How do people receive it and what are the outcomes and results? How do we know after they hear the testimony, they are pierced to the heart? What happens after that?

    God gave people 16 personality types based on Myers Briggs’s personality profile! Each personality reacts to what they hear differently. Telling others is one thing but attracting folks to change or to follow a religious belief takes a life journey that reflects Godly actions, behaviors and attitudes in everything we do. I go back to my original belief and that is I have to see how one conducts his or her life toward others consistently, in good times and not-so-good times, in times of having earthy authority and fame, in times of having lost everything, in times of their needs and in times when their needs are fulfilled. Telling a story as a testimony for Christ is a position of honor and dignity; and it requires a lifetime of conducting one’s life the Jesus’ ways, a life with integrity and Godly sincerity, and of compassion. When our actions of Godly living match the words coming from our lips, our testimony will be believed and seen as true.

    My deceased parents lived Godly’s lives; and they were not Christians. From generations to generations, we were required to live our family values. And the values I have acted on are Christians’ values. This is a coincident discovery. I became Christians before knowing Christ personally. I learned about Christ through the Bible Study Fellowship program but did not know Christ consciously. We are followers of good, long-time family friends who were connected with us through Christ and through their good and sincere hearts. They led us to learn about Jesus Christ first through Bible Study sessions at our own home. From them to Christ, and that is a good way to put it! I acted on, not because they have shared their stories what God has done in their lives but how I have seen them.

    A Christian who wants to tell a story as a testimony for Jesus to attract non-believers or weak believers will need to show that he or she believes, loves God above all else and loves others above himself or herself with honesty and integrity consistently despite the changing social, economic, and political circumstances. When a believer can show what Jesus has done in his or her life and serves God and others in tangible ways, he or she will increasingly be able to influence others to follow Jesus.

    I may hear but I must see one in real Godly actions with sincerity and honesty to believe. No tell but act on and show! How can we do that to those who don’t know us personally? A testimony is not a marketing event. My view is that one must lead a Godly life around him or her first. One by one, the Gospel of Christ will multiply! One by one, we can make a difference for others to glorify God. One must be humble to welcome and receive God’s gift through our Godly’s actions, behaviors and attitudes. It is a two-way street. It is a huge responsibility as well as a huge blessing to act like Christ. I think we can try harder to take on that huge responsibility to please God!

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