The Canon

Re:Verse reading–Acts 1:1-14 (day four)

As we begin our new study in Acts about the beginning of the early church, let’s put some things in perspective.  One of the biggest differences between today’s church and the early church was the lack of authoritative Scripture.  The Canon of Scripture did not yet exist…the New Testament was just being written.  Most of the Old Testament was available, but was not yet collected and established as God’s Word.  The Church was guided by the Holy Spirit speaking through the leaders and elders of the Church.

Today, we have not only the full Canon of Scripture, but also the understanding that it is God-breathed and Truth.  This ‘new’ tool should only serve to make the modern church more effective in ministry and witness.  We continue to have the Holy Spirit to bring us understanding and direction, but now with the inspired Word of God available to teach us.  What will be the legacy of the modern church?  To whom much is given, much is required! (Luke 12:48)

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “The Canon”

  1. I found this blog somewhat educational for me. Thanks for explaining it, “Today, we have not only the full Canon of Scripture, but also the understanding that it is God-breathed and Truth. This ‘new’ tool should only serve to make the modern church more effective in ministry and witness.” This blog should remind all to differentiate between God’s truth and opinions and between God’s church and Men’s church.

    This blog does address my curiosity somewhat and does invite me to wonder what are similarities and differences between the early church and today’s church, given today’s advances in technology. What is more effective in spreading God’s love and building the church, given today’s changing society and technology?

    Learners of today have access to the Internet, to television, and other resources to explore who Jesus is and can learn God’s truth through their own research. Many physical buildings are closed down because people can work from home if their duties are not required their physical presence. I was able to gather virtually with colleagues and my boss in Washington, DC from San Antonio without any barriers in meeting performance expectations. I did even exceed my boss’ expectations. Physical presence at Headquarters in Washington DC is no longer a mandatory requirement for meetings and work sessions except when it is absolutely needed. There are many online universities and online libraries. I did most of my research for my doctoral study via online academic library. Nothing that folks cannot find if they are serious learners and want to find valid and reliable information. Meetings now can take place through virtual meeting softwares. The change in society, economy and generational differences may require a new mindset for our ways of work and our ways of learning God’s truth and worship God for today’s believers! Today’s church may find some threats but also opportunities in servicing God.

    Technology has made life and learning more easier for folks who prefer to use it to maintain their knowledge and social engagements. Technology will stay and will be the core communication tool for all walks of life and work. This brings me to a different question and that is what today’s church should do in maintaining the body of Christ in a way that will work for all generations and for all walks of life?

    Society of today is different and younger generations will embrace what works for them to balance work, life and spiritual beliefs. The old mindset of how to spread God’s word and truth and building the body of Christ may need to be reexamined so to ensure that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will sustain and thrive given the face of change in today’s society.

    What are your thoughts on maintaining the body of Christ and in learning God’s word in today’s changing society and technological realities? What a new mindset or a changing mindset should be? What will work for church to attract all generations, the old and the young, the working class and the non-working class, the experienced and the new Christians like myself, the old mindset and the new mindset? What does Jesus Christ want for the believers to do? Can we meet His expectations in today’s changing society and today’s realities?

    I look forward to learning of your thoughts!

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