Faith Without Works

Re:Verse reading–James 2:14-26 (day four)

Can we claim a valid, saving faith if it does not result in works of mercy and ministry?  James says “no.”  James would not disagree with Paul or Jesus that we are saved by grace through faith alone.  James is going one step further and saying that if our faith has any usefulness, it will result in works of service.

Here at First Baptist, San Antonio, we put action to our faith.  Christmas Care, Disaster Relief, ESL training, serving military, working at Lamar and Briscoe elementary schools, backpack ministry, Mission: Dignity, SA Christian Dental Clinic, community garden—all of these ministries and more are doing what James tells us to do.  How about you?  Are you involved in serving and ministering to others…giving your faith the opportunity to exercise and grow?  Find out more about these ministry areas in our church and get to work.  Faith without works is useless!

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Faith Without Works”

  1. This statement caught my attention, “Faith without works is useless.” That is true in a sense because non-believers in Christ produce works too but they do good works to save themselves, not as a result of their faith! They produce good works out of their personal glory, not for God’s glory.

    People act in line with what they believe. If we believe that cooking at home is healthy than to buy ready-made meals as we can minimize free radicals to our body, we will prepare fresh meals and cook at home. If we believe that natural medicines can help reduce side effects that are the result of synthetic chemicals from pharmaceutical products, we will choose natural medicines. At the workplace, if we believe that in order to advance our career and move up the ladder within the organization, we must follow certain protocols and actively seek for career development activities and programs, then we will do so. Actions come from our beliefs. We do and act on something because we believe!

    The actions that result from our faith are no different from those that result from other of our beliefs. If we believe in Christ, we will use spiritual gifts that God gave to His believers to make a difference in our surroundings! There are so many opportunities for us to make a difference for those around us, family, friends, colleagues, community, and our church, and so on. We just have to look at our God’s given spiritual gifts, God’s resources and skills inventory, as well as our passion and act accordingly.

    A true faith can transform or save a life. A transformed heart is proof of one’s faith. It is true that faith without works is useless. Our faith is evidenced by the way we live and treat others!

    I feel a privilege to be part of the FBCSA family. God is at work at FBCSA. I pray that God will guide me to serve Him in the days and years ahead. He knows me better than myself so I will obey and listen to Him closely. “Faith without good works is dead”. I will also remember, “faith without works is useless.”

    How do you define your faith? And what have you done as a result of your faith? How do you define good works? How far can you stretch to prove your faith? I am looking forward to learning from you!

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