Re:Verse reading–2 Corinthians 8:1-15 (day three)

“Now finish the work.”  The world suffers not nearly so much from the evil deeds that abound as from the good work that men leave unfinished.  Jesus warned us in a story he told not to become like the young man who told his father he would work in his father’s vineyard, then failed to make good on that promise.  A desire, a dream, a passion, an aspiration—none of those things by itself will bring an idea to fruition.  Jesus’s brother James taught us that action will complete design.  He warned that paying attention in Bible study is no substitute for letting the Bible affect the way you pay attention to actual people in your actual life.  What work have you left unfinished?  It’s not too late to get back to it.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

One thought on “Complete”

  1. This blog is about to complete what Jesus Christ started. Am I right on this? Grace and mercy are the central theme here in my view. God GAVE us, believers, resources and spiritual gifts so we can continue to do his unfinished work on earth. Jesus died on the cross so we can be righteous! So the unfinished work for us are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to to continue to share God’s given resources with the focus on the needy, the disadvantaged and the sick! We give out of love, not on pressure to give so
    the amount is insignificant! The heart counts!

    In my view, sharing resources can be fulfilled in two ways: sacrificial givings and knowledge sharing. Giving, first of all, should be voluntarily and should not be done out of compulsion. Secondly, it should be done on what we have, and not on what we do not have. I always understand the point is not to be too greedy with what God gave!! God did not expect that we give what we don’t have, financially and intellectually! Giving others good advice and sharing one’s wisdom to save one’s life are intellectual!

    Giving is reciprocal. We give when we can, and we will receive when we are in need. No one will remain happy forever; and no one will suffer forever. Life is up and down! It is life. Nothing is permanent. Helping others who suffer due to circumstances out of their personal control is the right thing to do when we can!! A kind gesture and showing empathy for the sufferers are non-financial aspects that one can give!

    Needs can be defined in terms of physical, social, economical and emotional! God gave all believers spiritual gifts so we can use to finish His assignments in all walks of life. He is a visionary God!!

    After all, life is reciprocal. Give and Receive. Our work is considered complete when we can continue to share in one another’s pain and joy and when we can continue to share in one another’s poverty and wealth.

    What are your thoughts on givings and sharing God’s resources?

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