Re:Verse reading–2 Corinthians 5:11-21 (day six)

“…that we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

This is startling. This is the work of Jesus; he became “as if” he were our sin, so that we could become His righteousness. We have never known righteousness of our own, in the same way that Jesus never knew unrighteousness of His own. This is precisely what captivated Paul; he called it treasure. “We have this treasure in earthen vessels,” Jesus, the righteousness of God.

Does that good news startle you? Is it your treasure? What a worthwhile daily prayer:

Father, may I be totally and completely captivated by your Son, my righteousness.

Now pray it with me!

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Righteousness”

  1. Praying along! A wonderful topic!!

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a treasure! God’s Kingdom is a treasure! He died on the cross for our sins and made us righteous. He is worthy of praise! By following Jesus, believing in Him, doing the work of Jesus Christ, we are surely being treasured up in Heaven. Great news for mankind and for believers!

    I am sure we all want to reach for God’s treasures! God’s treasures versus Satan’s treasures! Which road are we traveling? I will surely keep reminding myself to walk with God and to follow the light! Because where there is light, there is life. Where God is a focus, there will be a new beginning on life! Our past, sinful life is dead! Our new life is with Jesus Christ who has opened up for us to see the gateway for God’s Kingdom and for us, believers, to see all the secret treasures in Heaven with Him and with His Father, God!

    I love to collect all treasures! I will work hard to collect those secret treasures. What treasures are important for you?

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