Re:Verse Passage – Matthew 25:31-46 (day three)

“Lord, when did we see you hungry?”  Are you sure you want to know?  It’s not uncommon for us to attempt to exonerate ourselves from the charges by claiming we’re misunderstood.  From “out came this calf” to “mistakes were made” to “wide stance” to “no one told me”, these ridiculous excuses for indefensible behavior will never hold up.  We’ve all tried to claim that we’re just doing the best we can when really we’ve just been doing the best imitation we can.  If only God had been clearer, if only he’d spoken our language, we would have jumped at the chance to serve.  It’s too bad God didn’t see that we were just waiting for direction.  Is it our fault that God missed the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to work with us?

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

3 thoughts on “Misunderstood”

  1. Jesus’ vision for His ministry to continue before He completed His Father’s mission on earth is evident.

    God loves all people and He loves us as His followers!! As His followers, we ought to love one another as Brothers and Sisters of Christ to advance the gospel of Jesus, and to have a compassion for the “least”–the needy, the disadvantaged, and the sick. These are the core of Jesus ministry! Am I right?

    There are no excuses for not to understand the mission and the vision of Jesus for His ministry. The gospel of Jesus will succeed if followers are united as Brothers and Sisters of Christ and continue to focus and to excel in His assignments for us. Reach out to lift up the “least” and to lift up one another. Do not allow for any irrelevant factors to be the barriers in building our friendship love for one another and to distract our attention for the Lord. A little help and a little love for mankind can go a long way in my view. We serve what our heart is telling us. It is the heart that counts, not the work, not the volume. Satan must be defeated. Jesus is our Lord and Savior.

    Together, I believe we will make a difference in our surroundings!

    Phuong Le Callaway, PHD, CA

  2. “The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.”~~ Mother Teresa

    Love starts with those who are closest to us! I know a smile and a friendly hug can bring hope and joy to the receivers! Small things do matter to those who are forgotten in our family, community and society! Please do not let them feel unwanted and please do not leave a place without sowing the happy seed! It is a terrible feeling! Our sincere and good heart can save a life or lift up someone! Our kindness sometimes can be questioned but be kind anyway. In the words of Mother Teresa, at the end, it is the matter between you and God! No one else!!

    Phuong Le Callaway, PHD, CA

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