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Re: Verse reading–John 13:1-17 (day one)  “For I have set for you an example”–v 15.

Do you remember your preschool years?  Learning to write?  To handle pencil and paper? Do you remember the teacher putting a translucent piece of paper down on a bolder, darker letter and asking you to TRACE IT?

In John 13, Jesus uses a similar word.  Usually translated “example” the Greek word is a combination of “to show” (deigma) and “under” (hupo).  It literally was to put an image down and ask the student to copy it.

Is this a realistic standard?  Will it work for us in 2017?  Can moderns actually imitate Christ, copy His choices and attitudes?  Jesus is confident that the answer is Yes!   “If you do this, you will be blessed” says v 17.

The secret to life is not to find myself but to mimic Christ.   The secret to being me is becoming like Him.  WWJD?  ITIWTI! (I think I will try it)

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “Copy this!”

  1. Copying Jesus is a smart choice for peace and wisdom. It is not easy as we are constantly being recruited by Satan but it is wise to separate from Satan and to follow Jesus! Life is more peaceful and full of miracles when we listen and follow Him. I have tried to remind myself everyday to follow Jesus’ examples. Love to make a difference in my surroundings! Will the world be a better place and less sinful if people try to copy Jesus? Thanks for the great post!

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