Re:Verse reading–2 Samuel 9 (day five)

Then David said, “Is there yet anyone left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake?” According to customs and culture, anyone from the house of Saul was considered an enemy of David. They were usually killed to prevent revolution or rivalry from occurring. The potential damage and dissension from such an enemy was very real. Yet, David does the unthinkable, He rescues and extends grace to an enemy. What kindness!! What love!!

We very seldom think ourselves as enemies of God. The Bible is very clear to point out this is indeed the case (Romans 5:10). Our rebellion and opposition to the will and purpose of God is evident. The scripture goes so far as to describe us as helpless (5:6). Sound familiar? Yet, God does the unthinkable. He takes the initiative to rescue and extend grace to His enemies (us). What Kindness!! What Love!!

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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