Children of God

Re:Verse reading–1 Samuel 3 (day one)

It is a great gift to be raised by intentional, believing parents.  (Samuel’s Mom is an example, and to some extent, his Father as well–cf chapter 1)  He never knew a moment in life when the he did not have encouragement and instruction to trust God.  See 2 Timothy 3:15 for a similar story.

It is not enough.  Knowing about God in childhood faith must give way to knowing God in personal experience of his word.  “Samuel didn’t know the Lord (yet) nor had the word of the Lord (the reality of God speaking to him) been revealed”–v 7.

It is equipment He (all of us) will need.  Young Samuel will immediately be called on to deliver a painful message to Eli.  Heavy assignment for such a young believer!

The Lord still calls and qualifies His children in the same way.  “Those who are lead by the Spirit, these are the sons of God.”–Romans 8:14

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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