Re:Verse reading–Genesis 11:1-9 (day three)

“Nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

Is the Lord threatened by the race of men growing too powerful?   Well, the Bible tells us the Lord laughs and scoffs at the wicked, so…no.  Rather—once again—his mercy speaks, and his grace acts.  If men act independently from God in a grasp at godhood, all plans of their hearts will be evil, and all evil will be possible, yielding destruction and death.  The Lord checked this runaway volition.  The human race will survive despite our best attempts to decree, “Our will be done.”  Why?  Because God will not be thwarted.  In his mercy, God preserves his creation.  In his grace, God says to us, “Live!”

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

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