Focus on the family

Re:Verse reading–Genesis 10 (day seven)

“These are the generations of the sons of Noah” v 1.

History.  HIS story.  When God tells the story of the human race, He doesn’t emphasize the things we learned in school.  A few kings (not many).  A few wars. No acts of Congress.  No four-year election cycles.  His focus is on a particular family.

Adam, Noah, Shem, Eber (note Hebrews) Abraham, Jacob, Judah (note Jews), David, Jesus.  This is the short list.  Like links in a single strong chain, these men, their sons and daughters, carried forward the legacy and knowledge of God.

With only one exception, they were not perfect people.  But God chose this family and used them to bring the Law and then the Savior into the world.  Those who come to Christ become members of this family.  Children of Abraham.  Sons of God.  Brothers with Christ.

When God tells the story of history, His focus is on this FAMILY.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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