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Re: Verse reading–Genesis 6 (day one)

It was a corrupt age.  Every trace of truth or kindness was gone from the earth.  A barbaric and brutal world.  “EVERY inclination, ONLY evil, ALL the time.” is the Lord’s fair assessment of this chapter in human history.   v 5.

“Yet just at this point, when the black thunderclouds of God’s wrath against human sin were most threatening, a small crack appears.  Grace shines through, and the promise of a new day dawns.”–James Boice.

“Noah found favor with God” says v 8.  Discovered it.  Received it.  Responded to God’s offered grace.  Became (in that dark age) a ray of light, an example of a new/different way to live.  Different principle (faith)  Different outcome (righteousness)

The work of God in the world is often carried out in the life a single individual (or small group) who has come out of the world.  To lead the world, a man must first leave it behind.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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