Taking responsibility for me

Re:Verse reading–Genesis 4:1-16; 25-26 (day one)

[Note from Don–On Sunday, I will preach from the Easter text, Luke 24:1-6, 13-35.  Even so, I encourage you to continue in the daily study of Genesis.  Much to gain!  God bless you.]

Cain learned the tendency from his parents.  (see Genesis 3)  Never take responsibility!  Blame someone else if at all possible!   Cain was angry with God, sad face, rebellious heart. v 5.  Rather than address his own sin, he focused his frustration on his little brother. v 8.

Maybe you see the same tendency in yourself.  I do.  Be angry at life and God! Retreat into unproductive sadness!  Blame others!  Never yourself.

The truth stands, however. God speaks it.  We are NOT victims.  We have NOT been treated unfairly.  All of us are invited by God to walk a righteous path and find His favor. (v 7).  To do so, however,  we must take responsibility and master the crouching enemy.

My real problem is in me.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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