Re: Verse reading–Genesis 2:4-17 (day five)

A garden is the backdrop and context of man’s original existence. Adam and Eve would begin to understand God and themselves in a garden. God had this specific design in mind. Gardens require attention. They produce “fruit”, but it comes at a slow pace. Gardens demand constant interaction (watering, pruning, soil work, protection, careful and meticulous observance. There is a connection-personal and intentional. So, as Adam and Eve began the task of gardening, they have an opportunity to learn about life on earth as well as the character and nature of the Lord God (in chapter 1 He was just named as God- “Elohim”). In chapter 2 His name is Lord God-“Yahweh Elohim” a name that is far more personal, intimate, and relational). Sometimes we might wish that life would be like a well-oiled machine (predictable, mechanical, and simple). That is not God’s design (from the beginning). It’s a garden. What insight can we gain about life on earth? How can our faith in God be strengthened from the words and message of the Genesis 2 creation narrative?

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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