Teachable Moments

Re: Verse reading–Mark 11:12-33 (day five)

As parents, leaders, and believers we look for “teachable moments” (to grow and mature in our relationship with Christ, to pass on the faith to our children and the next generations, and to make disciples of those in our influence and networks)
His time on earth is growing shorter and shorter. Jesus is well aware and uses teachable moments more than ever. What was on His mind and heart? What were His teachable moments only days before His suffering and death?  Mark 11 has several.

The Lord sees past outward appearances of religion and looks for true faith (fruit) as evidence of love for the Lord. (fig tree)

Prayer is a huge part of the growth, maturity, and strength of a vibrant faith. (temple and teaching on prayer)

God has a larger and clearer view of tradition, custom, and circumstances than we do. (Jews wanted their Messiah to cleanse the temple from the Gentiles, Jesus cleansed the temple for the Gentiles)

What are we sensing, seeing, and learning??

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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