Prayer was Missing

Re:Verse reading–Mark 9:14-29 (day five) 

Why were the disciples unable to drive out the demon? It was a question that was haunting them. They posed the question in private. Jesus’ response, prayer was missing.

Perhaps the questioning and arguing of the scribes distracted and/or discouraged the disciples. Both can lead to doubt and uncertainty.   Often times the criticism and cynicism around us have the same effects. (Jesus’ frustration could have been aimed at the scribes) Maybe the disciples were self-confident and self-reliant when dealing with the possessed boy. “We got this!” “Been there, done that!” could have been their perspective. We can get complacent and “cocky” in our relationship and in our faith with God. (Jesus frustration could have been aimed at His disciples)

Faith/belief must be constantly cultivated. Jesus modeled and taught that spiritual disciplines such as prayer are means by which our faith and belief are strengthened. Prayer places our focus and dependence on God. Both needed for the disciples and for us.


Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

One thought on “Prayer was Missing”

  1. Great observations, Scott. In some sense, this event seems to be a continuation of the lessons of being called by God, empowered to be His witnesses, and the absolute dependence on Him for the living of life. The earlier reality of being sent out by Jesus to preach and heal was suddenly met with “failure”: and no more fertile ground for listening and learning has ever been experienced. Thank you for your wisdom here!

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