Identity, Mission, Call

Re:Verse reading–Mark 1:21-39 (day four)

V. 24 – “…I know who You are—the Holy one of God!”

The bible study, Christianity Explored, teaches through the book of Mark.  There are three important lessons about Christ found in Mark.  These lessons must be addressed by everyone.  They are Identity, Mission, and Call…Who is Jesus?  Why did He come?  and, What does it mean to follow Him?  Each of us must answer these questions in our life.

As we study through the book of Mark, pay attention to the verses that give us answers to these three questions.  Throughout the Old Testament, we read of God’s unfolding plan to draw people into a relationship with Him.  In Mark’s Gospel, we see that plan reaching its conclusion.  Mark quotes the Old Testament frequently to help us answer these important questions.  Ultimately, we must decide what we will do with Jesus.  Identity…Mission…Call  Pay attention…your answers may be the difference in your eternity.

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

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