Crystal sea

Re: Verse reading–Revelation 15 and 16 (day one) 

“I saw something like a sea of glass mixed with fire”  v 2.

Ever see “Jaws”?  Even without the movie, ancient Hebrews regarded the ocean as a dark and dangerous place.  As John watched in wonder, the Revelation of Christ included a picture of a new ocean.  People were standing on it, and, not only was it solid, it was crystal clear!

For John, it meant that all things that were fearful in this present life would not be in the next. Not for God’s redeemed people!  Even the ocean–“clearly” safe, no hidden dangers.

Interesting, he does note that it is “mixed with fire”.  A testimony that the purity of the coming world will not be achieved without God’s wrath.  God offers no apology.  None is required.

“Yes, I’ll sing the wondrous story, of the Christ who died for me.  Sing it with the saints in glory, gathered by the crystal sea.”

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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