Revelation 10:1-9; 11:1-15 (day five)

In John’s vision of the end times, there is clear direction and instruction for him. He is not just a spectator in this vision. He is involved. In chapter 10 &11 notice the prompts to John: do not write, take the book, eat the book, measure the temple, prophesy again. John is an active and obedient participant.

Some believers have a vision (version) of the Christian life that does not give attention to obedience. Following Christ does not allow for the option of being bystanders. He desires us to be engaged in the work of the Gospel and involved in God’s plan and purpose. He desires to use our gifts, talents, abilities, and opportunities for His Glory!! Daily we can join in His redemptive work that continues until he decides time has run out.   God will use us as an employee, student, husband, parent, co-worker, employer, neighbor, and a hundred more ways. Anyone struggle with being obedient? Repent and get in the game!!


Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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