Re:Verse reading–Revelation 4:1-7, 5:1-14 (day five)

It’s the same picture we see in Revelation 1. Remember the description of the Glorified Christ? Strong, Wise, Holy, Powerful, Intimidating, and Magnificent!! Yet the same person comes to John and demonstrates love, compassion, and kindness by placing His hand on John’s shoulder and speaking words of encouragement. Same thing is found in Revelation 5. He is BOTH the Lion (Conqueror, Strong, Majestic, Ferocious) AND the Lamb (Gentle, Humble, Approachable, and Innocent).

There is danger in only seeing and acknowledging one or the other of these characteristics of Jesus. Relating only to Him as the Lamb, could make a human heart overconfident, arrogant, and prideful. But relating to Him as only the Lion could cause unhealthy and oversensitive fear, panic and separation, and an unwillingness to approach or trust Him.

We must see and sense Jesus in all his glory and mercy!! He is BOTH the Lamb that we can love and trust AND the Lion that we can submit to and serve!!

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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