Before you were born

Re: Verse reading–Jeremiah 1 (day one)

Eventually, all men will face the undeniable fact.  God is.  He knows us.  He has always known us.  He has a purpose for every life, and the most regrettable mistake that a person can make is to ignore God’s plan in pursuit of his own silly and temporal ideas.

God’s call to Jeremiah was an assurance of these unbending realities.  “Before you were born, I knew you and appointed you to be a prophet.”  v 5.

Wait!  What about personal choice?  Doesn’t God give each of us freedom to make this decision?  No.  The choice that we have–all of us–is “God”, or “Not God”.  Contained within this huge truth is the surrender of all freedoms to the vastly superior wisdom and plan of an eternally good heart.  If God is, why wouldn’t you trust Him?

Easy life?  No.  Real life?  Yes.  I follow the One who knew me before I was born.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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