A bad report

Re: Verse reading–Numbers 13:26-33; 14:1-9 (day seven) 

“And they gave out to the sons of Israel a BAD report”–13:32.

Was it BAD because it was dishonest?  No.  The majority that day were being completely honest.

Was it BAD because it was malicious? Motivated by self-interest?  No.  The ten members of that study committee thought that they were speaking wisdom.

It was BAD because it was not true, not an accurate reflection of God’s will.   They had not heard from God.  Listened to fear, instead.  It was BAD because “whatever is not of faith is sin”–Romans 14:23.

When God says, “go”, fear hesitates but faith obeys.  When God says, “wait”, pride pushes forward but faith kneels in humble patience.

Bad or good is ultimately determined by whether God is in it.  Have you waited on Him?  If so,  He is calling you to obey the “GOOD and acceptable and perfect will of God?”–Romans 12:2.  Anything else is going to be BAD.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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