Unclear conscience

Re:Verse reading–Judges 11:1-6, 28-40 (day one)

“Jephthah made a vow to the Lord, ‘whatever comes out the door of my house to meet me. . .I will sacrifice to the Lord as a burnt offering.’ “–v 30.

The Bible speaks of our conscience.  The Greek word is syneidesis.  It  means “to know with yourself”.  Refers to those things that we know, don’t question.  What is true and right.  What is good and bad.  Things we sincerely believe.

Ordinarily, the conscience is a good guide.  “Keeping faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith.”–1 Timothy 1:19

Sometimes, however (particularly when the inner mind has been shaped by culture rather than the word of God)  what we REALLY BELIEVE is not true.  An inaccurate picture of God’s character and will.

Jephthah is an example.  No one doubts his sincerity.  What we question (and should) is his view of God and what is pleasing to Him.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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