Re:Verse reading–Judges 2:1-3, 6-22 (day two)

“‘I will never break My covenant with you, and as for you, you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land; you shall tear down their altars.’ But you have not obeyed Me; what is this you have done?” 2:1b-2

What happens when someone in a covenant relationship breaks fellowship? Does this end the covenant? The very nature of what a covenant is should answer that for itself, and yet we still struggle with how to deal with this in our own lives. The people of Israel willfully choose to defy the instructions of their youth, Joshua, and the judges. This grievous action requires course correction, not a call to scuttle the ship. God in his  mercy made a pact with his people, and he is faithful to see it through. We, in our brokenness, will continue to find ways, like the Israelites, to break that promise. As a result we are chastised, punished, corrected, but never abandoned.

We are not born into new life only to be given free reign to our selfish ambitions. When God corrects our course it serves only to remind us of the eternal pact he made with us. Stay focused on him, and stay to course.


Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

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