The Divine Invitation

Re:Verse reading–Joshua 9 (day six)

If you want my personal opinion, I do not think the outcome would have changed all that much even if Joshua had sought God’s counsel after meeting with the Gibeonites. The only change would have been that Joshua and the elders would have not looked so foolish. It is clear the Gibeonites acted out of a proper fear for the God of Israel; they acted in faith. I can’t presume to know; the Bible doesn’t hint one way or another, but like Rahab before them I believe God would have blessed their faith.

So, then what is the purpose of Joshua 9:14, “So the men…did not ask counsel from the Lord.” If the outcome likely would have been the same, why bother saying that at all. It is an essential part of the story because the emphasis in Joshua is God’s dynamic relationship with his people in the conquest of Canaan. He will lead them; he will fight their battles. The invitation is clear, “Come to me, seek my counsel. Meet with me and hear my voice.” Joshua and the men neglected that relationship. And we can too. Heed God’s invitation; it is where peace, contentment and joy is found.

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

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  1. this blesses me as i continue to seek His fit for employment. I know it has to be His spot for me. Thank-you!

  2. It’s all about timimg….
    That must be how we don’t get ahead or fall
    behind HIM. Just stay in constant rhythm
    by seeking him daily.

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