The Significance of God’s Presence

Re: Verse reading–Joshua 3:5-17, 4:14-24 (day five)

The Ark of the Covenant is mentioned nine times in Joshua chapter three, and seven times in chapter four. What is SO important about the Ark? One of the most important things about the Ark was that it symbolized God’s presence. What were the effects of God’s presence on this generation of Israelites? They trusted and obeyed God with courage as they looked toward their future. They were able to move an extremely large group together (unity) across the Jordan. They recognized and affirmed the leadership God had provided.

A frequent comment I hear from guests and visitors at our church, is a real sense God’s presence. I wonder what it is that causes them to identify His presence at FBCSA?

Perhaps our prayers for FBCSA these days should be that God’s presence would remain in our church and continue to have the same kind of influence in our hearts and lives as it did for the Israelites: courageous trust and obedience, God’s provision of leaders, and unity.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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