Who Told Youth That?

Re:Verse reading–Joshua 2 (day five)

Many times over the years, our kids would come home from school with a new piece of information. If we were not aware of the event or doubted the truth of the information, we would simply ask, “Who told you that?” It is a quick way to begin to determine credibility and authenticity.

Look at Joshua 2:8-11. What a powerful confession!! Ever wonder where Rahab “heard” all those things about God? I would love to know, “Who told you that?” Maybe it was a one-time conversation. Perhaps it was different people telling her daily about God over a long period of time. The reality is that the truth had captured her heart.

How many times does a person need to hear the gospel before their heart and life are eternally changed? One? A dozen? A thousand?

We should be faithful to tell our story! We should be confident that whether we are the first to tell or number 100, our words and conversations (especially about Jesus and the Gospel) matter!!

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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