A Source of Strength and Courage

Re:Verse reading–Joshua 1 (day five)

Caught up with a recent college grad from our church this week. When they left for college they contacted me with an unusual request. “Can you give me 10 Bibles to hand out as I head off to college?” I remember thinking that this was an ambitious task for a soft-spoken and meek freshman headed to a new environment that may or may not be completely open to the Gospel and a biblical worldview. There was only one stipulation placed on this task. “I’m not gonna offer them, they have to ask me for one.” My first question was, “How will that happen?” I will never forget the response. “Because I will talk about the scripture, I will quote scripture, I will live according to its guidelines, and I will always have a Bible with me to show where my beliefs, convictions, and joy come from.”  All those bibles were handed out.

Was reminded of Joshua 1:7-8.

Now out of college, I asked this week if they were still handing out Bibles. With a big smile, they answered, “Yes!”

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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