Disoriented to the Cross

Re: Verse reading–Matthew 27:32-54 (day four)

They were clueless…everyone surrounding Jesus as He went to the cross had a complete misunderstanding of what was going on. They were totally disoriented to God and His plan. Their eyes were blind and they could not see. Each one saw it differently than the next. There were so many stories…Simon of Cyrene; the Roman soldiers on cross duty; the two robbers crucified with Jesus; the unnamed crowd passing by; the Chief priests, scribes and elders; the bystanders at the cross; the Centurion; and the saints who rose from the dead…each one saw it differently. There is one more story though…it is our story. How do we see Jesus and His crucifixion? Do we see it as a tragedy that should never have happened or a grossly unfair event that trampled the rights of a human? Or, do we see it as a necessary payment for our own sin? It was our sin that put Jesus on the cross. Ask God to orient you to His understanding…see the cross for what it is!

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

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