While There’s Still “Daylight”

Re: Verse reading–Matthew 20:1-16 (day five)

This parable is chocked full of good news!! The landowner is SO kind and generous. He is faithful to keep his promises. He rewards his workers from his perspective.

However, the most wonderful news to me, is the fact that during this parable, the landowner goes out five times during the day to hire workers. He calls out to workers and they respond. Evening comes and they are all brought to receive their reward.

If we think about the symbolism, we are still in the “daylight”. The Lord continues to call disciples/workers out from the crowds. Does that place a burden on your heart? Do you sense the urgency of time? Know anyone that needs to hear Him call?

While there’s still “daylight”: Will you share the gospel with them? Will you pray for their salvation? Will you encourage them to come experience Preaching/Singing/Bible Study/Fellowship and be in His presence?

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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