I Want to Hear!!

Re: Verse reading–Matthew 13:1-23 (day five)

Communication in its basic form involves 2 things: sending (speaking) and receiving (hearing). Jesus’ words in Matthew 13:9 “He who has ears let him hear”, express His concern and burden for those who are on the receiving/hearing part of the equation. Notice there is no mention or attention directed toward The Sender. There is no doubt or uncertainty in Jesus’ mind that God (the sender/speaker) is totally effective and completely capable in His part of the task in communicating His Character and Nature to the human heart. See Psalm 19, Hebrews 1 and, Romans 1.

Notice also the tremendous opportunity for all of us in verse 9.

Makes me want to say, “I WANT TO HEAR!!”

Anybody desperate and in need of a word or message from the Living God??

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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