Re:Verse reading–Matthew 5:17-48 (day five)

Jesus begins the sermon on the mount in the third person. As he continues to preach and teach, he begins to get more and more personal in his application and exhortation. As the new year begins, many will make New Year’s Resolutions. As we consider 2016 and possible resolutions, here are a few insights from this week’s passage. Instead of do’s and don’ts, Jesus taught about character, integrity, virtue, and transformation. Jesus was convinced that the hope and potential of spiritual growth and progress is grounded in a relationship with our Heavenly Father.
Dallas Willard- “The revolution of Jesus is in the first place and continuously a revolution of the human heart or spirit. It did not and does not proceed by means of the formation of social institutions and laws, the outer forms of our existence, intending that these would impose good order of life who come under their power. Rather, his is a revolution of character which proceeds by changing people from the inside through [an] ongoing personal relationship to God in Christ.”

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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