Re: Verse reading — Romans 12 (day three)

“Overcome evil with good.” In our world of “culture wars” and “love wins” and “right and wrong side of history”, we can come to believe that we fulfill our calling by striving to keep the forces of the devil from advancing. But the question is not, “Will evil conquer the world?” Rather, the question is, “Will we become good?” Paul tells us to become transformed by the renewing of our minds, and to set our minds on things above instead of earthly things–on the good that must take root in our lives rather than the bad that threatens us in this world. Self-inventory in the presence of our Lord is always the harder task. But unless we submit to his transforming discipline, we will never think like Christ when it comes time to act against evil.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor to Pastoral Ministries & College and Single Adults at FBCSA.

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